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FAQ & Accessibility

Q. Tell me about accessibility at ARES Staffing Solutions.
A. ARES is committed to providing accessibility across all stages of the recruitment life cycle.

All ARES employees receive training on providing accessible customer service.
We are knowledgeable, AODA-trained, and we support our candidates and clients with accommodation throughout the recruitment process.

We provide accessible formats and communication supports for Persons with Disabilities. We consult with applicants so that we can provide appropriate formats and communication supports in a timely manner.

In the event of a temporary disruption to our services that Persons with Disabilities use, we have multiple channels to connect and to conduct business with you. For example, we can deliver interviews in person, or via alternate channels such as telephone, cell or mobile device, skype or other internet protocol.

We welcome customer service feedback on our delivery of accessible services, and on suggestions for improvement. We take your feedback seriously and will respond quickly to address concerns. Please also feel free to connect with us in person, by telephone, in writing, by email, or by fax:

ARES Staffing Solutions

Visit or write us at 1835 Yonge Street, Suite 603, Toronto, Ontario M4S 1X8

Call us at 416.480.2700

Email us at

Fax us at 416.280.2886

We welcome your feedback, and we look forward to working with you to make positive things happen!

Q. What does ARES stand for?
A. ARES stands for Accelerated Response Employment Solutions

Q. What does ARES specialize in?
A. We specialize in HR Compliant Recruitment Solutions, Managed Services and Payroll Solutions. For a detailed look at our Staffing Solutions please click here

Q. How long has ARES been in business?
A. We’re proudly celebrating our 19th year of business working with incredible employers and job seekers across Canada.

Q. I’m a job seeker searching for my next opportunity. How do I get started with ARES?
A. Connecting with us is easy!
Step 1. Register with us by clicking here.
Step 2. Call us at 416.480.2700 to speak with a member of one of our recruitment teams.

Q. Where is ARES Staffing Solutions Located?
A. Our headquarters are conveniently located in mid town Toronto, and offers easy access to the TTC subway system. Please click here.

Q. Is every ARES job opportunity posted online?
A. No. Although several of our jobs are posted on our job board,  many of the job opportunities that flow through ARES are filled by our teams before we advertise them. To tap into all of the fantastic opportunities with ARES, connect with a member of our recruitment team today.

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